Sophi Robbins

Paralegal & Office Administrator

Sophi has a background in office management and small business management and has had the pleasure of seeing multiple small companies grow with her. Since graduating with a BA in Environmental Studies and Business Marketing from the University of Colorado, she has worked in multiple roles including directing teams, growing businesses through marketing, managing the administration of offices and always looks for ways to include an environmentally sustainable approach.

Sophi joined Milgrom & Daskam in 2020, appreciating their core values which create an ethical work environment and attract clients who are eager to do the same. In her dual role as paralegal and administrator, she manages the firm’s intellectual property portfolio and works with clients to create and protect their own brand strategies, as well as handling “everything at the law firm except the practice of law,” (as Chris, our Executive Director, likes to say). She has lived in Colorado most of her life and enjoys taking advantage of the bright weather with an outdoor happy hour with friends or a weekend backpacking trip. When she’s at home, she enjoys reading, crafting, pickling, and studying up for her next pub trivia quiz.


Copyright Law

Trademark Symbols and When to Use Them

Given their constant presence in our daily lives, the symbols ® and TM are very familiar to most of us. But what do they actually mean? And as a business owner, how do you know when to use them?
Both symbols refer to U.S. federal protection granted to the logo or phrase. The United States Patent and Trademark Office catalogues all registrations and applications in its database and reviews the database for potentially confusing marks when processing new applications. Registering your mark through their office is the best way to defend your brand from competitors.

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Intellectual Property

What to Expect When You Register a Trademark

The process of protecting your intellectual property can be daunting, especially for first-time business owners. However, a legal expert can navigate the nuance of trademark law and get you an application without too much headache or strain on your pocketbook. Any successful company has trademark registrations. If you go through this process at the onset, it is much less expensive than spending a lot of time and money branding your company only to realize that you are infringing upon someone else’s mark and must rebrand. The following steps are laid out to explain the process of registering a trademark.

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