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Alex Finch joined Milgrom & Daskam as a Partner in May 2023. His practice focuses on corporate law, commercial real estate development, and leasing. He regularly advises real estate developers, landlords, and tenants in commercial transactions involving the purchase, sale, lease, and financing of office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and undeveloped/raw land.

Alex began his career as an environmental consultant where he gained extensive knowledge of land management and conservation issues. Later, he transitioned into private practice as an oil and gas attorney, where he advised exploration and production companies on matters such as project land ownership, title issues, and title curative actions. Having established a strong background in mineral title, Alex expanded his expertise into commercial real estate and corporate law at two Colorado law firms.

Alex holds a B.A. in political science from the University of Michigan and earned his J.D. from the University of Colorado. He is licensed to practice law in the States of Colorado and Michigan Beyond the legal sphere, Alex finds joy in woodwork, running, and embarking on camping adventures with his wife Leah and their two kids.


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Real Estate Law

Securing Tenants’ Obligations: Cash is King, Right?

Tenants often need to provide some financial assurance, commonly known as security, to ensure they fulfill their obligations under a commercial lease. Two widely used forms of security are the cash security deposit and the standby letter of credit.

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Real Estate Law

Psychedelic Healing Centers in Colorado: Are Landlords Prepared?

In November 2022, Colorado voters approved Proposition 122, known as the Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022 (NMHA). This legislation decriminalized the personal use and possession of certain psychedelic substances, including psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms. Additionally, the NMHA established the legal foundation for healing centers – places where adults may consume and experience the effects of regulated natural medicines (such as mushrooms) under the supervision of licensed facilitators. Given the nascent stage of the psychedelic industry in Colorado, landlords and tenants to tread carefully in negotiating a commercial lease for space to be used as a healing center.

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