Jonathan Milgrom


The founder of Milgrom & Daskam, Jonathan (Jon) Milgrom advises businesses of all sizes and works across a variety of sectors. His diverse client-base includes companies in tech, software, fintech, health insurance, brewing and distilling, retail, graphic design, and other creative industries. He also advises a number of family-owned businesses.

He represents his clients in numerous corporate areas, with an emphasis on intellectual property law. He counsels clients on development, maintenance, and enforcement of robust intellectual property portfolios. He is also well-versed in employment and HR policies including hiring practices and termination rights, development and maintenance of complaint data security standards, deal structures, securities law compliance and disclosure issues, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and general corporate law.

Jon is extremely passionate about social stewardship. Before his legal pursuits, Jon worked as a biology teacher in low-income communities.

Today, Jon remains heavily involved in the non-profit, impact finance and social entrepreneurship sectors. He is also extremely knowledgeable in the legal universe of Public Benefit Corporations.

His community involvement includes serving on the Board of Advisors of Colorado Succeeds, a Colorado non-profit organization focused on education reform to better prepare students for the working world. He sits on the Board of Directors for A Growing Culture, a nonprofit promoting farmer-led sustainable agriculture, and is the founder of the Ed Gowdy Fund which raises funds to provide underprivileged youth opportunities to access the outdoors.

Jon attended law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. During his tenure, he served as president of his class, served as an associate at the Deming Center Venture Fund and was honored with both the Rodney Lewis Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Sarah L. Rector Memorial Scholarship.

Outside the office, Jon is an avid telemark skier, sports enthusiast, and world traveler. He’s proficient in conversational Spanish and has visited 50 different countries across the globe. He enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and his dog MacKinnon.


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Business & Corporate Law

The Impending Corporate Transparency Act 

In the rapidly changing landscape of corporate governance, the Corporate Transparency Act stands out as a significant piece of legislation aimed at curbing illicit activities and enhancing transparency in company operations. For businesses, investors, and legal practitioners, understanding the Act is vital not only for compliance but also to stay ahead in a market that increasingly values transparency and ethical business practices.

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Entrepreneur & Startup

Entity Selection: How QSBS Could Save You Millions in Taxes

I often work with entrepreneurs starting new ventures. While there are multiple considerations for new businesses, the first important item to address is entity formation, governance, and finance/ownership. This is the starting point to get your venture headed in the right direction.

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Entrepreneur & Startup

Setting your Startup on the Path to Success: Four Tips for Choosing Your Company Brand Name and Logo

I remember when the graphic designer I hired came up with the initial logo for our law firm. Seeing it on mockups for a website and for business cards was a surreal experience. It reduced the months of planning and research into something tangible and real. It hit me so quickly—this is really happening—and I was filled with pride in what was to come.

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