Jonathan Milgrom


The founder of Milgrom & Daskam, Jonathan (Jon) Milgrom advises businesses of all sizes and works across a variety of sectors. His diverse client base includes companies in tech, software, fintech, insurance, brewing and distilling, retail, apparel and fashion, food and beverage, graphic design, and other creative industries.

Jon chairs the intellectual property group and is the co-chair of the corporate group at Milgrom and Daskam. He uses his expertise to manage the development, maintenance, and enforcement of robust intellectual property portfolios. He is also well-versed in corporate and startup law and regularly counsels clients on deal structures, securities law compliance and disclosure issues, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, and general corporate law.

Jon is extremely passionate about social stewardship. Before his legal pursuits, Jon worked as a biology teacher in low-income communities.

Today, Jon remains heavily involved in the non-profit, impact finance, and social entrepreneurship sectors. He is also extremely knowledgeable in the legal universe of Public Benefit Corporations and works closely with B-Corps Certification and with 1% for the Planet Initiatives.

His community involvement includes sitting on the Board of Directors for A Growing Culture, a nonprofit promoting farmer-led sustainable agriculture. He is also the founder of the SeEds Family Foundation, which organizes community events and raises funds to support the arts, agriculture, access to the outdoors, and families in need. He previously served on the Board of Advisors of Colorado Succeeds, a Colorado non-profit organization focused on education reform to better prepare students for the working world.

Jon attended law school at the University of Colorado in Boulder. During his tenure, he served as president of his class, served as an associate at the Deming Center Venture Fund, and was honored with both the Rodney Lewis Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Sarah L. Rector Memorial Scholarship.

Outside the office, Jon is an avid telemark skier, sports enthusiast, and world traveler. He’s proficient in conversational Spanish and has visited over 60 different countries across the globe. He enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and his dog MacKinnon.


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