Colin Fletcher


Colin joined Milgrom & Daskam in March 2022 and focuses on a variety of business matters including regulated cannabis, pet care, financing, real estate, formation/governance, M&A, commercial transactions, business licensing, regulatory compliance, and general corporate.

Most recently, Colin served as Corporate Counsel to a growing pet care consolidator in Denver where he oversaw pipeline acquisitions of pet care centers and veterinary clinics throughout the United States. Before that, Colin ran his own law firm focused on regulated cannabis businesses in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Colin holds a BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a JD from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law.

Colin enjoys traveling the world with his wife Emma and honing his negotiating skills with their toddler Sloane. Colin is an expert snowboarder and world-class foosball defenseman.


Regulated Cannabis

Financing & Real Estate

General Corporate



Dude, Diligence?

The due diligence process in the purchase and sale of a business can seem daunting and cumbersome. Any attorney or financial professional worth his or her salt will tell you that conducting adequate diligence is paramount and, despite what will almost certainly feel like an unnecessarily lengthy and intrusive process, serves to mitigate risks for buyers and sellers alike.
This post is meant to provide a very basic framework of the due diligence process in asset deals to assist buyers and sellers in understanding (a) what they are looking at, (b) what they should be looking for, and (c) setting expectations about how the process looks, and where it can go awry. This post should not be relied on as legal advice, and you should always engage counsel and other financial and tax professionals if you are considering buying or selling a business.

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