Emilie Kurth


Emilie specializes in counseling clients on how to develop, protect, manage, and monetize their intellectual property. She represents individuals and businesses of all sizes whose industries span a wide range of subjects—from tech and software to fashion and food.

Emilie attended the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder where she served on the board of the Colorado Law Review and worked as a legal research assistant and writing tutor. She obtained her bachelor of science degree in biology from the University of Puget Sound.

Outside of work, Emilie loves typical Colorado activities. She spends her time backpacking, skiing, biking, reading, cooking, and doing the NY Times Daily Crossword. She loves traveling, has lived and taught in France, and is proficient in French.


Developing and protecting Intellectual Property

Individuals and Businesses of All Sizes

Industries Ranging From Tech and Software to Fashion and Food


B Corp

Steps Small Businesses Can Take to Combat Climate Change

The science is clear, and when we look outside and see smoke-ridden skies, experience unprecedented flooding, or suffer the consequences of historic droughts, it’s in our face: climate change is here. Our climate and environment are changing–and how we interact with it should change.

As the recent and somewhat terrifying UN Report informed us, we are well past the point of stopping climate change. But we can slow it down. And we need to slow it down.

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Copyright Law

Tattoos, Copyright Law, and the Doctrine of Fair Use

The murmuring conversation surrounding tattoos as copyrightable art is growing increasingly loud. Tattoos, once stereotyped as a heart surrounding “mom” on a nostalgic sailor’s shoulder, are now coveted artworks which can shape an individual’s identity and how one is seen by the world. Would Mike Tyson’s persona be the same without the face tattoo surrounding his left eye? And, speaking of face tattoos, would we recognize Post Malone without the sixty-plus tattoos on his face?

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